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Noise Vibration Damping Paint

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Product Detail Information

ZERONY PAINT DP series is an excellent water-soluble damping paint with vibration damping and sound proofing properties, manufactured from hydrodispersion liquid polymers of damping function mixed with functional fillers and special binder excellent in heat resistant, weather proof, cold resistant, water resistant, shock proof, etc.

General Properties

  • Usable in a wide range of temperature and excellent in vibration absorption efficiency in a broad range of frequency
  • So excellent in vibration and shock absorptionas to reduce noise effectively, isolating solid-borne sound efficiently from the source
  • Excellent adhesiveness with various materials and easy to paint either even or uneven irregular surface
  • As organic solvent is not used for painting, pleasant and safe working environment is provided
  • Excellent water resistance after water is completely dried.
  • Excellent weather proof property
  • Hardness of painted surface is adjustable, and painted surface is neither damaged nor peeled by exterior impact easily


Acqueous paint, Generally dark gray
Specific Gravity
1.2~2.0(when dried)
Solid content(%)
Loss factor(η)
Finger-touch drying time(sec)
Over 3hrs
Complete drying time(sec)
Over 24hrs
Painting Method
Brush, Spray, Roller, etc
Storage stability
3 months
  • Special grades are available.
  • The listed data are obtained from tests made in our company and are legally ineffective.
  • Information on and directions for the use of ZERONY Rubber DR series are based on experimental and practical experience.
  • Local conditions and materials may influence the final result and it is desirable to make tests before use.

Designation System

DP : Damping paint
G : General tyep SP : Spray type SPH : Spray type/High viscosity
F : Fire-retardant type F-TR : Fire-retardant/For trains

*Special Grade : Reactive type series is available.
Zerony Paint MPU/MPU-F grades
Polyurethane-based reactive damping paints
This series is very useful for the constrained damping systems.

Delivery Form

Package : 1L, 10L, 20L PE can
Other sizes on request
Cans in a box

Loss factors and damping behavior of Zerony Sheets(JIS G 0602)

Damping properties of Zerony Paint(Steel 1mm + Zerony Paint DP series)

Instruction for Use

  1. Mixing
    Mix homogeneously with a stick or other tools.
  2. Cleaning the application surface
    Remove dust, grease, moisture and other contamination from the application surface.
    Clean the application surface with rag if necessary.
  3. Coating with painting tools
    Painting tools like brush, roller, spray, etc. are used for painting.
  4. Drying completely
  5. Before paint is dried, painting tools or containers are washable by water, but after paint is dried, use solvent or detergent.


  • Construction and civil engineering
  • Transportation means
  • Electric. OA equipments
  • Others