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Noise Vibration Damping Sheets and Tapes

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ZERONY Sheet B Series and ZERONY Tape DT Series are vibration damping materials made from the complex of rubbers and resin with excellent vibration damping and weatherproofing properties,added with high functional inorganic fillers and has self-adhesiveness with rreleasing paper easy to peel off. There are several types - BRR, BV and BAL, etc.. BRR is sole vibration damping sheet with self-adhesiveness on both sides of the sheet, so easy to apply with other materials in the form of sandwich structure. BV is faced with film, simple and easy to use. BAL is faced with aluminium foil, excellent in vibration damping property. Excellent fire and heat resistant types are available. ZERONY Tape DT Series is a rolled tape which is convenient for use. Particularly, it is handy to apply the tapes on pipe or cylinder creating noise.

General Properties

  • High sound isolating efficiency and high damping efficiency for solid-borne noise
  • Excellent adhesiveness
  • High heat resistant and high flame retardant product is available
  • Easy to laminate with various other materials
  • Easy to install on uneven irregular surface
  • Easy workability and good processability


Sheet and roll type
Sorts on surface treatment:
BRR(without facing), BAL(Al foil), BV(PE film)
Specific gravity
Generally 1.5~2.0
Loss factor(η)
Adhesive treatment
Fire classification
General type
Fire and heat resistant type : F grades
  • Special grades are available.
  • The listed data are obtained from tests made in our company and are legally ineffective.
  • Information on and directions for the use of ZERONY Rubber DR series are based on experimental and practical experience.
  • Local conditions and materials may influence the final result and it is desirable to make tests before use.

Designation System

ex)ZERONY Sheet BAL-F2
B : Modified butyl rubber-based damping sheet
AL : Aluminium foil facing(R : releasing paper, V : PE film)
F : Fire and heat resistant special grade
2 : Thickness : 2mm(±0.2)(1~8)

ex)ZERONY Tape DTA-W40T3.5(Typical Grade)
DTA : Modified butyl rubber-based damping tape
W40 : Width 40mm T3.5 : Thickness : 3.5mm(±0.2)

Delivery Form

Sheets or rolls in cotton boxes.(generally sheets)
Max. width is 900mm.
Other size and die-cut shapes on request

Loss factors and damping behavior of Zerony Sheets(JIS G 0602)

Damping behavior as a function of thickness of Zerony Sheet BAL series

Instruction for Use

  1. Cut with scissors, knife or die to the desired size and shape before the release paper is removed.
  2. Remove dust, grease, moisture and other foreign matter from the application surface.
  3. Peel off the releasing paper.
  4. Apply ZERONY Sheet B or Tape DT Series with proper pressure.
    *Caution : Don't put heavy matter on ZERONY SHEET B series.


  • Construction and civil engineering
  • Transportation means
  • Electric. OA equipments
  • Others